Donnerstag, 20. November 2008

Beyonce and The Kaiser Chiefs

Attention, this one is very nice, but lacks of production quality because of the already bad sounding source material. However, the idea of Beyonce and The Kaiser Chiefs singing this chorus together had me and I simply had to finish it ...

Beyoncé - "If I Were A Boy" (Pella) Vs. The Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby (Instrumental)

TBP - Ruby Was A Boy

As I´m preparing a new "Total Bastard Pop / Mash Up" - DJ set, there´s more to come soon ... Until then, enjoy this one!

Montag, 13. Oktober 2008

Summer Clubworks now available

Well, seems like I´ve been on holiday for the whole summer ?! Nothing new her for weeks and weeks ?!?? In fact, I´ve been quite busy DJing. Here are (edited shortened versions) of two tracks which I played a lot in my DJ sets during the last summer weeks.

Katy Perry - "I Kissed A Girl" Vs. Eric Prydz - "Pjanoo"
TBP - I Kissed A Pjanoo (Edit)

Pink - "So What" Vs. Guru Josh Project - "Infinity 2008 (Klaas Remix)"
TBP - So What, Guru ? (Edit)

They work VERY well in German clubs, please feel free to try anywhere else !

Mittwoch, 6. August 2008

I Kissed A Molecule

Summer 2008 in Germany: Katy Perry´s hit "I Kissed A Girl" is gonna be THE BIG THING for the next few weeks.

Summer 2008 in Germany: "Tanz der Moleküle" by German pop band "Mia" is still a classic for the dancefloor.

Summer 2008 in Germany: TBP mashed the two sources, using Katy´s acapella and an edited version of the Mia - Song.

TBP - I Kissed A Molecule

Let Me Think About American Boys !

Well, not me, but Estelle.

As an example of what I produced recently, here´s Estelle´s "American Boy" mashed with "Let Me Think About It" by Fedde Le Grand & Ida Corr:
TBP - Let Me Think about American Boys

TBP Archive (The Productions 2005 - 1999)

Rich Girl Trilogy

Gwen Stefani´s Rich Girl on three different instrumentals:

Gwen Stefani Vs. 10CC - I Don´t Like Rich Girls

Gwen Stefani Vs. ZZ Top - Hot Rich Girls Dropped In A Grange

Gwen Stefanie Vs. Step Three

Scissor Sisters Vs. Elton John Vs. Michal Gray - Weekend ? - Alright, Take Your Mama Out!
Listen here

C&C Music Factory Vs. Ram Jam - Gonna Make Betty Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

This One is probably the most famous TBP Mash-Up. It was available on an "International Bastard" - 12" back in 2005; sorry, there are no more records left!
Listen here

Was Not Was Vs. Les Rhythmes Digitales Vs. Black Box Vs. Seal Vs. Snap - Walk Your Crazy Striking Dancing Body

A 5-source Dancefloor-Smasher, was on the playlist of Loo & Placido and many more ...
Listen here

Danzel Vs. Iggy Pop - Pumping Passenger

The Cheesy Dancefloor Hit on an Alltime Classic:
Listen here

Queen Vs. Buddy&DJ The Wave - Ab in den Rock

Queen singing over a German Party Classic:
Listen here

Maroon 5 Vs. Mr.Oizo Vs. Blur - This Flat Love Song

"This Love" by Maroon 5 is taught how to dance and to rock here. A lot of editing had to be done here ...
Listen here

B 52´s Vs. Blur - Love Shack Song2

Simple, but effective !
Listen here

Blue Lagoon Vs. John Mellencamp Vs. TBP - Break Jack´s Stride

Cheesy Pop Project Blue Lagoon Singing on J.Mellencamp´s Classic Jack&Diane - with a lot of housy production by TBP.
Listen here

Pink Vs. Kiss - I Was Made To Start The Party

Get The Party Started with this Rock classic:
Listen here

Colonel Abrams Vs. Zoe - Rock Steady Trapped

The 80´s Dance Classic "Trapped" gets Jamaican Flair:
Listen here

J.Lo Vs. Andreas Johnson Vs. Betty Boo - Glorious Waiting Nowhere Baby

Jennifer Lopez´ "Waiting For Tonight" getting a rocky breakbeat treatment:
Listen here

Destiny´s Child Vs. Booka Shade - Lose Cha Breath

"Lose My Breath" - one of the many Number One hit singles from Destiny´s Child mashed with underground electronics by Booka Shade:
Listen here

Destiny´s Child Vs. D-Phazz Vs. Mr.Oizo - Lose My Flat Mambo Craze

"Lose My Breath" - one of the many Number One hit singles from Detiny´s Child mashed with Summer-flavored "Mambo Craze" by D-Phazz, adding a little bit of "Flat Beat":
Listen here

Ultra Naté Vs. Smashmouth - Free On The Sun

"Free" by Ultra Naté on Smashmouth´s "Walking On The Sun". Simple but nice:
Listen here

Cameo Vs. The Rasmus - Shadows Up!

A Classic - heard alot on "Bootie" - Parties all over the world. Cameo´s Word Up performed over "In The Shadows" by The Rasmus:
Listen here

Black Eyed Peas Vs. The Cure - Why Can´t I Be Retarded

In lack of the "Let´s get it started" - pella from the BEPs I had to use "Let´s get retarded". The Peas get a speedy treatment through The Cure´s "Why Can´t I Be You" though:
Listen here

Yazoo Vs. The Knack - Don´t Go, Sharona

Again; simple, but effective:
Listen here

Shakira Vs. Dr.Alban Vs. 50 Cent - Whenever There´s No Coke I Go To The Club

Simple but effective for the dancefloor:
Listen here

Tears For Fears Vs. Lulu & The Luvvers Vs. A Very Good Friend Of Mine - Shout Just Round

Two different Acapellas with the same song title mashed over a pop breakbeat - I still like this one very much!
Listen here

Whitney Houston Vs. Young MC - Bust A Dance With Somebody

Produced at a time when it was simply "uncool" to play a dance classic in a club. So I took Whitney´s acapella of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and made the crowds dance to a modern version of it:
Listen here

2004 - How it all began

It´s how this serious mashup thing started for me back in 2004: I had a DJ Gig in front of 3000 people and the party´s topic was "90´s ´til nowadays". I thought of giving the people something special to dance to. That´s how these two tracks were born:

Ricky Martin Vs. Safri Duo - Maria Is A-Live

Nelly Furtado Vs. Dr.Alban - Powerless Hallelujah

The Beginning of it all - A Weird Medley from 1999

As I found the breakbeat which the Chemical Brothers used on a sampling CD, there was the idea to add some special loops and so on. Maybe my first mash-up - like production ...
Listen here