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TBP Archive (The Productions 2005 - 1999)

Rich Girl Trilogy

Gwen Stefani´s Rich Girl on three different instrumentals:

Gwen Stefani Vs. 10CC - I Don´t Like Rich Girls

Gwen Stefani Vs. ZZ Top - Hot Rich Girls Dropped In A Grange

Gwen Stefanie Vs. Step Three

Scissor Sisters Vs. Elton John Vs. Michal Gray - Weekend ? - Alright, Take Your Mama Out!
Listen here

C&C Music Factory Vs. Ram Jam - Gonna Make Betty Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

This One is probably the most famous TBP Mash-Up. It was available on an "International Bastard" - 12" back in 2005; sorry, there are no more records left!
Listen here

Was Not Was Vs. Les Rhythmes Digitales Vs. Black Box Vs. Seal Vs. Snap - Walk Your Crazy Striking Dancing Body

A 5-source Dancefloor-Smasher, was on the playlist of Loo & Placido and many more ...
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Danzel Vs. Iggy Pop - Pumping Passenger

The Cheesy Dancefloor Hit on an Alltime Classic:
Listen here

Queen Vs. Buddy&DJ The Wave - Ab in den Rock

Queen singing over a German Party Classic:
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Maroon 5 Vs. Mr.Oizo Vs. Blur - This Flat Love Song

"This Love" by Maroon 5 is taught how to dance and to rock here. A lot of editing had to be done here ...
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B 52´s Vs. Blur - Love Shack Song2

Simple, but effective !
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Blue Lagoon Vs. John Mellencamp Vs. TBP - Break Jack´s Stride

Cheesy Pop Project Blue Lagoon Singing on J.Mellencamp´s Classic Jack&Diane - with a lot of housy production by TBP.
Listen here

Pink Vs. Kiss - I Was Made To Start The Party

Get The Party Started with this Rock classic:
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Colonel Abrams Vs. Zoe - Rock Steady Trapped

The 80´s Dance Classic "Trapped" gets Jamaican Flair:
Listen here

J.Lo Vs. Andreas Johnson Vs. Betty Boo - Glorious Waiting Nowhere Baby

Jennifer Lopez´ "Waiting For Tonight" getting a rocky breakbeat treatment:
Listen here

Destiny´s Child Vs. Booka Shade - Lose Cha Breath

"Lose My Breath" - one of the many Number One hit singles from Destiny´s Child mashed with underground electronics by Booka Shade:
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Destiny´s Child Vs. D-Phazz Vs. Mr.Oizo - Lose My Flat Mambo Craze

"Lose My Breath" - one of the many Number One hit singles from Detiny´s Child mashed with Summer-flavored "Mambo Craze" by D-Phazz, adding a little bit of "Flat Beat":
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Ultra Naté Vs. Smashmouth - Free On The Sun

"Free" by Ultra Naté on Smashmouth´s "Walking On The Sun". Simple but nice:
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Cameo Vs. The Rasmus - Shadows Up!

A Classic - heard alot on "Bootie" - Parties all over the world. Cameo´s Word Up performed over "In The Shadows" by The Rasmus:
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Black Eyed Peas Vs. The Cure - Why Can´t I Be Retarded

In lack of the "Let´s get it started" - pella from the BEPs I had to use "Let´s get retarded". The Peas get a speedy treatment through The Cure´s "Why Can´t I Be You" though:
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Yazoo Vs. The Knack - Don´t Go, Sharona

Again; simple, but effective:
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Shakira Vs. Dr.Alban Vs. 50 Cent - Whenever There´s No Coke I Go To The Club

Simple but effective for the dancefloor:
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Tears For Fears Vs. Lulu & The Luvvers Vs. A Very Good Friend Of Mine - Shout Just Round

Two different Acapellas with the same song title mashed over a pop breakbeat - I still like this one very much!
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Whitney Houston Vs. Young MC - Bust A Dance With Somebody

Produced at a time when it was simply "uncool" to play a dance classic in a club. So I took Whitney´s acapella of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and made the crowds dance to a modern version of it:
Listen here

2004 - How it all began

It´s how this serious mashup thing started for me back in 2004: I had a DJ Gig in front of 3000 people and the party´s topic was "90´s ´til nowadays". I thought of giving the people something special to dance to. That´s how these two tracks were born:

Ricky Martin Vs. Safri Duo - Maria Is A-Live

Nelly Furtado Vs. Dr.Alban - Powerless Hallelujah

The Beginning of it all - A Weird Medley from 1999

As I found the breakbeat which the Chemical Brothers used on a sampling CD, there was the idea to add some special loops and so on. Maybe my first mash-up - like production ...
Listen here

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